R. wiltonii

R. wiltonii is a class act. Its foliage is quite distinctive, with a deeply veined upper surface that is almost wrinkled and an underside that boasts cinnamon to rusty red indumentum. It likes to branch and will form a rounded shrub of four to five feet in ten years.

And yes, with age, it is quite free flowering, producing soft pink blooms that are spotted and blotched in darker shades of pink and rose.

R. wiltonii is one of those “good do-ers.” It is easy to grow with lots of return for your gardening effort. It comes from western Sichuan and has some regional variation.

R. wiltonii will like moderate sun in a bright situation; morning sun is best. Small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day along with gentle but consistent watering and good drainage with a lose, well-aerated soil will keep it happy.