R. wasonii

R. wasonii is a glossy-leafed beauty that will form a compact mound reaching perhaps four feet in ten years. Flowers can be yellow, white or pink. Our plants come from seed made with a mom and dad who both bloomed white. The brownish-red indumentum makes the underside of the leaf as interesting as the polished top side. Once again, the foliage wins the day, as is true for most of the Subsection Taliensia. This plant is truly in a class by itself as it has no close relatives.

R. wasonii will like a fairly bright cool spot in your garden. Morning sun is excellent, protection from strong hot afternoon sun a must. Regular pinching of single leaf buds will help keep it compact.

Please give it small amounts of fertilizer for acid-loving plants on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – consistent gentle watering (don’t water log it but don’t let it dry out to the point of severe leaf droop) – good drainage in a loose soil with some organic matter is a must.

Mostly, enjoy it as another example of a plant you can love year round.