R. uvarifolium

R. uvarifolium makes a stately shrub that announces its presence with rugose, deep green foliage that has a gloss on the upper side and a white to grey indumentum on the under side. Flowers are a rich pink and are held in a tight truss that sits comfortably atop such regal foliage.

Parents for these plants are from seed that was collected in China by Warren Berg and June Sinclair in the 1980s. Now these youngsters reflect that rich heritage.

R. uvarifolium may reach six feet in ten years. It responds to pinching, so you can control how upright or broad it becomes.

Rhododendrons in the wild are under constant environmental threat – so YOU can be a part of preserving the gene pool of this magnificent plant. AND, its regal bearing will stand out in your garden!

R. uvarifolium will like: filtered sun or shade, small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, gentle watering, well-aerated soil with good drainage.