R. tsaii

This is a very new dwarf alpine introduction, whose forbears originate in areas of Yunnan overlooking the Yangtze River.

The delicate lavender to pale-purple, funnel shaped flowers cover the plant in the spring. Because of its unusually small leaves, this low-growing and mounding evergreen plant will enjoy a sunny spot and we think it would be lovely in a rock garden! It appears to be quite easy to grow.

We are growing a batch of seed collected in the wild as R, tsaii by Jens Nielsen. All of the plants that have bloomed to date have bloomed white and are quite daintily wonderful. Stay tuned as we sort these out.

R. tsaii will like a sunny spot, small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, gentle watering, and well aerated soil with good drainage. It’s hardy for western Washington.