R. sutchuenense

sutchuenense hp Cox-5 web

sutchuenense-1 buds small

R. sutchuenense is an easy to grow, easy to bloom early spring thriller with flowers that are almost two inches each with up to twelve flowers per truss.

R. sutchuenense comes from Sichuan in western China where it grows in the woods amidst bamboo and evergreen oaks. It tends to have an umbrella shape with age, so you can plant other garden goodies underneath.

R. sutchuenense will do best (AND BLOOM MORE FREELY) in a bright situation with some sun, some shade. It also likes protection from strong or prevailing winds. It tends to bloom at a young age.

R. sutchuenense will like small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, gentle watering that keeps it moist and good drainage with well aerated soil.

Quite reliably hardy in the Puget Sound region.