R. souliei

Some of our R. souliei plants are grown on the Olympic Peninsula from seed from one of the great rhododendron growers of Scotland, Peter Cox. Others of our R. souliei come from seed collected in the wild by Jens Nielson or Bob Zimmermann.

Its home is central and southwestern Sichuan, where it grows in forests of oak and spruce.

The blue-green new growth and wonderfully soft light pink saucer-shaped flowers of this species make it a real princess of a plant. Leaves are roundish and slightly heart-shaped and average about 2 ½” in length. R. souliei is a pleasantly shaped bush which flowers freely even when young. Well behaved, it won’t take over your garden.

As usual, it wants a mix of sun and shade – a cool spot is best. It needs perfect drainage. Give it small amounts of fertilizer on the appointed holidays – Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It also appreciates consistent gentle watering.

It’s rarely offered, as it must be grown from seed – cuttings just won’t work. Enjoy!