R. roxieanum var. oreotrephes

This variety of roxieanum includes the narrowest leaved-forms and is well worth growing for its foliage alone. It’s a good do-er and the interesting, thin and sharply pointed leaves give it an exotic look and feel. Flowers can vary from white to heavily spotted.

It will become a mounded shrub, perhaps 4 to 5 feet high. Native to China, but raised here in Western Washington, it’s hardy, well-behaved, and relatively slow-growing.

Flowers are white with purple spots.

Rhododendrons in the wild are under constant environmental threat – so YOU can be a part of preserving the gene pool of this magnificent plant.

This rhododendron will like: Filtered Sun or Shade – Small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – Gentle watering – Well aerated soil with good drainage