R. pseudochrysanthum

Here’s a slow-growing gem from Taiwan grown in Western Washington!

R. pseudochrysanthum has unique, thick leathery, pointed leaves. Some forms have a bluish cast to the leaf. The midrib on the lower surface of the leaf has a fine line of indumentum while the rest of the underside is bare and polished. The plant forms a very compact mound that makes it wonderful for a small space. It should make a three foot ball in ten years.

The flowers are white flushed with pink.

It is hardy for western Washington winters and is an all-around “good-doer”. Fertilize sparingly or the leaf tips will burn (or worse, the plant will die).

This rhododendron will like light shade, small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, gentle watering, and well aerated soil with good drainage.