R. pachytrichum

This rhododendron is about the hairs – leaves, stems, petiole, pedicel – all are covered with hair. But this is no hippie; it’s a regal plant that holds its leaves with elegance and produces flowers that range from white to pink, often with a purple blotch in the throat. The leaves are much longer than wide and are curved down on the edges. They are a solid dark green. The mid-rib on the underside of the leaves sprout a batch of hairs. If grown in a fairly open spot, it grows into a rounded shrub about five feet high in ten years.

R. pachytrichum likes a mix of sun and shade with more light than shade. It needs good drainage and likes consistent gentle watering. A helping of small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ Day will help this rhododendron thrive.