R. lindleyi

R. lindleyi’s delicate yellowish-white bell-shaped flowers, usually plentiful will delight you with their sweet scent. We raised our plants here on the Olympic Peninsula from seed collected in Ireland. Its forebears come from E. Nepal, S.E. Tibet or Manipur where they live among trees on the sides of cliffs.

The plant has a “rangy” habit and does well planted at the foot of a wall or in a stump, where the long shoots can trail over an edge. It is hardy to perhaps 15 – 20 degrees F.

It’s named for Dr. J. Lindley (1800 – 1865), a botanist who served as secretary to the Royal Horticulture Society.

This rhododendron will like partial shade (but will take some sun), small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, gentle watering, and well aerated soil with excellent drainage. Please protect from freezing. It also makes a fine container specimen.