R. lepidostylum

Don’t have much room? Consider this a dwarf, topping out at three feet. Better yet, like blue? The foliage is among the bluest in the genus and stays that way. Tired of pink? The flowers are soft yellow in keeping with the small size and they come late in the season. It likes to grow horizontally into a mounding shrub.

R. lepidostylum is a bristly, hairy fellow which adds interest. Its leaves are covered with scales underneath as is the style (piece connecting the seed-producing ovary with the stigma, the tip that receives the pollen), hence the name (“lepido” meaning scaly).

Lepidostylum prefers an open location, but don’t burn it in unrelenting sun. It likes light, well-drained soil, and small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Pinch it to keep it compact.

Consistint, gentle watering helps keep this plant happy.

It’s hardy in Western Washington.