R. huianum


R. huanum made its debut in the West in 1995. It hails from Southwest China and graces itself with pale light purple flowers that are held loosely and gracefully. A prominent calyx adds a bit of a frill. The plant itself branches readily and makes a rounded shrub with narrow olive-green leaves. So far it seems to be another winner among the plants missed (ignored?) by the early Western plant hunters.

R. huanum is well-behaved. It flowers readily at an early age and makes a fairly compact shrub that will not take over your garden — we are guessing four to five feet in ten years.

This rhodie wants some sun but doesn’t want to be cooked; 50% sun/shade might be just about right. Give it consistent gentle watering, provide small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

R. huanum seems to be hardy for the Northwest.