R. glanduliferum

R. glanduliferum is new to us in the western world. First introduced from China in 1995, it has proven worth the wait. Large white flowers appear late in the season – August or September! What’s more, they are deliciously fragrant. The new growth follows, often beginning in shades of bronze and maroon. The foliage manages to harden up in time for winter. It seems perfectly adapted to life in the Puget Sound area, growing to about six feet in ten years.

R. glanduliferum has rather limited distribution in the wild and its habitat is under intense pressure from development. Botanists are still sorting out its exact characteristics, but it makes a great addition to your garden.

R. glanduliferum will like: Moderate sun, small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, gentle watering, loose, well-aerated soil.