R. flinckii

R. flinckii is one of those wonderfully indumented plants from subsection Lanata. Leaves are coated with a thick orange on the bottom and a whitish covering on top. It comes from Bhutan.

Flowers are such a light yellow that they appear white. It also can have flowers in shades of light rosey pink. It’s easier to grow than its close relative R. lanatum and makes an outstanding statement in any garden. It might reach four feet tall in ten years, but it will always be a well-behaved, demure shrub that demands attention.

It wants light but not prolonged direct sun, so a mix of sun and shade is perfect with morning sun best. Small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day will keep it happy.

Well-aerated soil with good drainage is a must, and even moisture keeps it growing well.

It’s perfectly hardy in Western Washington.