R. denudatum

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R. denudatum is a new introduction from western China. It looks very much like R. coeloneuron except that the indumentum is a darker brown. The leaves have deeply impressed veins on the top and the flowers are a clear pink. The plant branches easily and seems to make a well clothed mound. Its ultimate height is unknown, but we are expecting taller rather than lower, more columnar than spreading. Some of the seedlings from recent collections seem to add more variation, and we are watching the development of our 2013 collection in Sichuan. There’s more to be sorted out before there is a definitive word, which is what makes growing species rhododendrons from seed so exciting.

R. denudatum seems to enjoy a fair amount of sun, blooming readily from a fairly young age. It does not seem fussy and establishes itself under a variety of conditions. Ultimate height is unknown at the time.