R. cinnabarinum

It’s hard to know whether the bluish foliage or the tubular flowers are the best part of this plant. R. cinnabarinum comes in a wide range of colors. This plant is most likely R. cinnabarinum ssp. tamaense which means the flowers will be a bit more purple than the photo above (which is R. cinnabarinum Royeli group ‘Magnificum’)– but we haven’t seen this one bloom, so we can’t be sure – might be red or yellow! The seed was collected on the border of Burma and China

R. cinnabarinum has aromatic foliage that is distasteful to weevils and so escapes being notched during the midnight munching these pests love to do.

R. cinnabarinum will appreciate: Small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, gentle watering that keeps it moist, good drainage with well-aerated soil, and a fairly bright spot in the garden.