R. calophytum

R. calophytum forms a large, bushy evergreen tree with leaves up to one foot in length. This variety is quite hardy in the Northwest (It even survives most Pennsylvania winters). It will have large flowers that are light pink or white with a large dark spot.

Native to China, our plants come from carefully selected seed, usually from Dr. Phetteplace’s famous R. calophytum in Hendrick’s Park in Eugene, Oregon.

R. calophytum is long lived and will provide your garden with magnificent splendor. It wants a fair amount of sun in order to bloom fairly regularly. You can plant R. calophytum any time from a container grown plant, but the root ball must be kept moist if planted in spring or summer.

This rhododendron will like: Fairly full sun for best blooming – small amounts of fertilizer on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day – gentle watering – well-aerated soil that gives good drainage.