• R. sanguineum - our Dulong collection
    R. sanguineum - our Dulong collection
  • New foliage of    R. erosum
    New foliage of R. erosum
  • Chimacum Woods in the Snow
    Chimacum Woods in the Snow
  • R. mekongense - our collection from XiXi Pass, Yunnan
    R. mekongense - our collection from XiXi Pass, Yunnan
  • R. argipeplum - new growth
    R. argipeplum - new growth
  • R. moupinense
    R. moupinense
  • R. pachysanthum
    R. pachysanthum
  • R. dichroanthum
    R. dichroanthum
  • R. strigillosum hairs
    R. strigillosum hairs
  • R. keysii
    R. keysii
  • R. fortunei
    R. fortunei
  • R. sinofalconeri
    R. sinofalconeri
  • R. quinquefolium
    R. quinquefolium
  • R. spinuliferum
    R. spinuliferum
  • R. williamsianum
    R. williamsianum
  • R. cinnabarinum
    R. cinnabarinum
  • In Frog Hollow
    In Frog Hollow
  • R. canadense
    R. canadense
  • R. pendulum
    R. pendulum
  • R. augustinii
    R. augustinii
  • R. arboreum
    R. arboreum

Welcome to our new website. We hope you will enjoy our new additions to the Plants page as well as more frequent updates on our open garden dates and our participation in the many plants sales in the Puget Sound area.


Some of you remember the lovely garden strolls here that you’ve enjoyed with Mom on Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day weekend we’ll be at the King County Master Gardener Plant Sale at the Seattle Center for Urban Horticulture near UW. Hours are Saturday, 9 to 4, and Sunday 11 to 3.

It’s not too late, however, to have a gift certificate delivered to Mom for her special day. Give us a call (206-383-2713) to arrange the surprise that will be part of her garden for years to come.

And thanks to all of you who mother others! Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Teachers, Neighbors, mentors and friends. Happy Day to you!

Our Mission:

  • to produce and provide quality species rhododendron plants
  • to show how species rhododendrons can enhance gardens
  • to educate gardeners about species rhododendrons
  • to help our customers and visitors enjoy the beauty that gardens and rhododendrons bring to life
  • to help preserve endangered species for future generations


Come visit us.

Please call 206-383-2713 or 609-506-5865 first to set up a convenient time. We are located between Port Ludlow and Shine, on a hill overlooking the Hood Canal, just a few miles south of the west end of the Hood Canal Bridge.

Postal address: 2722 Thorndyke Road, Port Ludlow, WA 98365
Click here to contact us by email.